Ted’s Blog: The Heart of the Matter

Hello to all, and welcome! Thank you for visiting HeartOfDavidMinistry.com. This is my first official blog entry and I want to use it to share with you just a little about HODM (Heart of David Ministry).

When I started in ministry most of the speaking opportunities I had were with teenagers, understandably because the biggest demographic of wrestling fans at the time were teenagers. But today, that demographic is so wide and diverse, it’s amazing. And, with that, the platform I believe God has given me is equally wide and diverse. In the past 13 years I’ve traveled all over the world, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with thousands of people. Since 2006 it seems the door that swings open the most, is that of ministering to men. There is an unbelievable need for godly men in the world today. The breakdown of the family and the lack of a positive male role model in the lives of our children today, is epidemic!

In North America we are seeing a generation of many fatherless children being raised. So quite often you will find me challenging men to be “real men”, godly men, men of strong character and integrity. The other door that seems to be swinging open is that of speaking to hurting married couples. My wife Melanie has started joining me, traveling wherever the opportunity presents itself, to share with hurting couples our own personal struggle, and the fact that there is hope for forgiveness and redemption in Jesus Christ.

I also travel to prisons, orphanages, rehab centers, and literally anywhere I believe God is leading me to share the good news that comes from knowing Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. I pray that as you read this, that if you don’t know Him, that you would allow Him to do in your life what He has done in mine. HODM is a ministry of evangelism and encouragement, but going forward I see it being so much more! With God, every day is an adventure, and there’s nothing like it!! God never promised us it would be easy, He just promised us it would be worth it!!

Thanks again for visiting HODM, and I hope you will join me in the future, because you just never know what God has in store and where he’ll take us. I pray that God will richly bless you today and everyday. In Jesus name. Amen

Ted DiBiase

  • Andy

    I am grateful for your ministry Brother Ted. It was 15 years ago that you led me to the Lord. My life has never been the same and today I am a full time minister of the Gospel. Would love to work together again one day and have you share at our church. Blessings to you my friend.
    Pastor Andy McDaniel

    • MDMTedDiBiase

      Andy, thank you for sharing with me what God has done in your life. That is awesome my friend. It’s always good to hear praise reports, it keeps me going! I’d love to come visit your church some time. Please get in touch with me.

      • Andy

        thanks brother I will be in touch. I live in Arizona and it would be awesome to have you come and minister with us. Have a blessed week.
        Pastor Andy

  • Trisha

    May God continue to bless you, your wife, and this ministry.

    • MDMTedDiBiase

      Thank you Trisha, and may God continue to bless you and yours as well.

  • Connie Maness

    You are a blessing to the world please keep doing what you do

  • J.Cee

    Hi Ted, I remember you as a good guy with the N.A. title back in ’78 and I enjoyed watching through the transition of the $,$$$,$$$ man. That said, did you ever consider broadcasting on short-wave radio to expand your ministry on the few remaining radio mediums available? Most of the remaining US broadcasting on SW are religious in program format (Pentacostal-type). Go up and down the dial for stations; it’s mostly stations from Nashville, Indiana or elsewhere throughout the southeast. You can use SW as a springboard to this site, or to broadcast any upcoming ministry appearances,

  • Paul Innes

    love your ministry Ted bro,thank for allowing Christ to use you in such a powerful way!! You have an incredible ministry and have found great favour with God and man!!! I don’t know if you remember me but we had a meal together in Scotland a couple of years ago before you preached in larbert. I am Paul the Teen Challenge graduate!! I would love to have you back in Scotland to do some stuff with us,would be great to have you in the schools and prisons sharing the gospel!! We also have 2 rehab centres we would love to have you come and encourage our residents!!!!
    Big love bro!!
    Daniel 12v3

  • Bo

    Mr. DiBiase, I am long time fan of yours.Going back to Georgia Championship Wrestling and The Mid-South/UWF area then WWE. When I read and heard your testimony years ago, I was so blessed. It is awesome to see what God is doing in your life today as you reach the lost for Jesus Christ. I am also a fellow minister as well. May God Bless you and family always and sending much love to Christ to you my brother.

  • Bryan Maynard

    Ted I was VERY touched by the mission of your ministry, especially reaching out to men and married couples who are hurting.

    I agree, that we need to have more GODLY men step up, and help to raise kids instead of running away from the responsibilities. My wife and I last Aug. celebrated our 17th. wedding anniversary, and we’ve gone through quite a few trials and tribulations over that time, but one thing about our marriage, we’ve always FOUGHT and WORKED to make our marriage work and make it stronger.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs. I live up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and would love it if you were to come up here to speak. I have been a WWE fan for many years as well, and remember back to those days when you were in in the WWE. I’ve heard your testimony a few times, and I find it VERY inspiring.

    God Bless you sir.