Pastors Michael and Linda Green – LifeGate Church (Mandeville and Metairie, Louisiana)


It is a joy to commend and recommend my friend Ted DiBiase to you.

Using his unique platform, Ted tells a compelling story of redemption, restoration and the call to revival that is now on his life.

Certainly many people know about the “Million Dollar Man” side of Ted but most don’t know the real character of the man behind the theatric character he so vividly portrayed.

Publicly, under the bright lights, Ted stood strong against the likes of Hulk Hogan, Junkyard Dog and Andre the Giant but privately, he was no match for the body slam, death grip of the sin and darkness engulfing his life.

Finding himself face down, Ted had an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ that changed his heart, his home and the direction of his life.

Today, Ted stands as a seasoned Minister of the Gospel who speaks with passion and bold clarity. Whether in a Sunday Morning Service, Revival Meeting, Corporate or Men’s Event, Ted relates on many levels. Filled altars and changed lives around the world have demonstrated the touch of the Lord on his ministry.

Additionally, without compromise, Ted functions as a counselor and faith mentor to many still in the wrestling entertainment world.

Ted is especially blessed and effective when standing with Melanie, his lovely Prayer Warrior wife. Speaking with experience and candid insight, this powerful ministry tag team tells a faith building story of a restored, joyful home.

And to those who may wonder, Ted DiBiase still has the roar and dynamics of “The Million Dollar Man” and he uses it skillfully. At every event, fans from the huge WWE fan base come to meet one of their wrestling heroes only to be impacted by The Gospel story. He plainly tells them, it is The Story, like the entertainment storylines, where the outcome has already been decided!

Linda and I love and honor our friends, Ted and Melanie DiBiase. Get to know them, experience their ministry, hear their hearts, you will say the same!


Michael and Linda Green

LifeGate Church,

Mandeville and Metairie, Louisiana

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